The blessing was also given in neustadt for the stuffed dog

"Today we consecrate a dog", five year old dominik rejoiced powerfully on saturday afternoon. Together with brother fabian and the family he had seen the festive leonhardiritt procession of decorated horses, carriages and dogs and now everyone was waiting for the ceremonial blessing of the animals. On the land for working dogs at the kramere should also family dog "luis" receive the blessing of the patron saint of all farm animals, saint leonhard. As a precaution, dominik also had his favorite cuddly toy, stuffed dog "hanno", brought for blessing.

"We look forward every year to this event here in neustadt and also to the numerous participants who come to us from the many surrounding villages" , after the fanfare, katrin petersen, chairman of the neustadt riding and driving club, buried all the horse and dog lovers as well as the numerous visitors. In addition, petersen informed that the riding and driving association organizes this traditional leonhardiritt together with the neustadt association for working dogs under the leadership of its chairman, matthias knauer. "I am glad that this tradition has been preserved for so many decades", thanked third mayor martin stingl. Agnes rosin from bavaria is to thank for the fact that the leonhardiritt has established itself in neustadt, recalled stingl. This is what happened when the riding and driving club neustadt was founded 35 years ago, said stingl, who was one of its board members at that time. "Since then, with very few interruptions, this is the only leonhardi ride in this region", said mayor stingl. Since then, numerous riders with their decorated animals and carriages, as well as dog lovers from all over the area, have taken part in the event. "The connection to the horse and the dog, the partnership with each other, that should be put in the foreground today, with the blessing be made aware that the partner dog and horse is quasi ebenburtig of regard and rank, to ourselves, and quite essential element in the lived together also in a partnership at eye level", martin stingl thanked on behalf of the city of neustadt.

"Always around the feast of saint leonhard (6. November) around, the patron saint of farm animals, we celebrate this leonhardi ride", said martina braun from the catholic parish of saint ottilia to the devotion. In the past, the blessing was mainly for farm animals. In the past, horses and dogs were seen as useful animals that made daily life easier and protected them. "These animals have often become companions for life today. Dangerous people who are dear to us are sacred to us. What is sacred comes from god, is a gift from god, which we treat with respect and gratitude", braun explained the connections. Man’s task is to keep in order all that is entrusted to him, to deal responsibly with all that has been created and to take care of it lovingly. "And so we want to ask god’s protection and blessing today for the animals that are precious to us. Blessing is when god is there: good god, you created the earth. It is your miracle that you have entrusted to us. Let us fulfill this responsibility and lovingly care for all your creations, especially for the animals that are dear to us. Therefore we ask you through jesus christ, our lord, amen", prayed brown.

In a solemn procession, all horse and dog lovers passed by the altar with their decorated animals and were blessed. By the way, this year for the first time the carriage of the riding and driving club was pulled by a four-horse team of friendly cold-blooded horses.

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