Life on the farm of the warmuth family returns to normal

Life on the farm of the warmuth family returns to normal

Reinhard warmuth is back with the weather: "we were able to make hay", says the farmer. But for the grass cuttings it is still too wet. For the time being, reinhard warmuth is concentrating on finishing the new machine hall and warehouse. The floor still needs to be fixed in one part, and the wall covering between the steel girders is also still missing about halay. The work is an additional task to the daily duties on the farm.

Thanks to the new building, however, the farm can again compose the feed for the cows itself, since there is sufficient storage space for the ingredients. It is no longer necessary to buy ready-made mixtures. "Now the "work" is normalized, says gisela warmuth. The hay, which was harvested last year, is still piled up on the land under the plan to form pointed haystacks. This year's pruning finally comes under a solid roof again.

Despite all the routine, "what happened back then is still inside you, as gisela warmuth explains. On 28. In june of last year lightning had struck the farm. It hit the machine shop and warehouse, which immediately went up in flames. The fire destroyed the building as well as fodder and equipment.

Gisela warmuth: "one is powerless in the face of nature." That was the experience she had that evening. Respect for the power of nature remains. "When I used to see comparable events on the news or read about them, you weren't so aware of the impact, says gisela warmuth. The family was lucky: they managed to prevent the fire from spreading to the cowshed. Only the panes above the gates burst in the heat.

The new hall was therefore deliberately not built on the old site. It stands a few meters from the place where the vorganger building burned down. This is still remembered by the concrete slab and the remains of the barrel foundations.

Gisela warmuth mentions the help provided by villagers and fellow farmers. They ensured that operations could continue in the first days after the fire. When the hall is finished, there will probably be a small, internal dedication ceremony. Gisela warmuth is at least thinking about it. Because people are still curious about what's happening on the farm. Gisela warmuth reports: "many people drive by and look."

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