Problems at the clearing plant in ebern

Problems at the clear plant in ebern. Money must be spent here. This became clear at the meeting of the building committee on wednesday evening in the meeting room of the administration community.

Some time ago, the construction committee had already dealt with the clearing plant on the road to lind. Another problem has now arisen there: a space shield in a clear basin has broken off. "Divers had to get it out", said stefan hofmann from the building authority. The pool will continue to be operated provisionally. Hofmann was unable to say anything about costs, as no decision had yet been made on how to proceed there.

Councillor manfred fausten insisted that something had to be done about the clear facility and that the problem should not be postponed any longer. This was supported by city councilor philipp arnold. "When the clear plant’s operation collapses – what then??", he and fausten asked.

Wastewater master bastian lang and his co-workers, wastewater engineering specialists simon baiersdorfer and lukas barthelmann, showed the damaged part lying next to the secondary clarifier where it was previously in operation.

What is the cause of the damage? Wastewater master bastian lang said that after many years, wear and tear can always occur; this is probably also the case with the room sign. He said that after about four weeks a new part could be installed. Solange runs the post-clearance pool with a somewhat reduced performance.

In principle, lang and his team are sure that something has to be done after 20 years. "A technical renovation of the facility is probably unavoidable", said lang. The wastewater specialist explained that the water from the secondary clarifier would be clarified and fed into the nearby baunach stream. Each of the three clarifiers has a capacity of 3500 cubic meters, explained bastian lang.

Due to a structural change of a store in bahnhofstrabe, statements of different authorities were discussed. To this end, acting mayor werner riegel (SPD) buried the representative of an engineering firm. The building committee took note of the comments made. Overall, there were no objections to the construction project. The reconstruction is to start in spring, said the applicant, who was present for this item on the agenda.

Sliding plant in the former barracks

A number of building applications and preliminary building requests were also dealt with, which were explained by stefan hofmann, clerk in the building office of the ebern administrative community. A preliminary building application was submitted by mark ebner for the change of use of an existing workshop in the former barracks to a sliding plant. The committee was not satisfied, especially in the person of city councilors philipp arnold (E) and manfred fausten (CSU), that in the request was not noted, with which in the intended sliding facility should be shot. Stefan hofmann from the building authority said that the district office would ask about this as part of the approval process. Finally, it was agreed conditionally that this issue is still to be clarified.

The works for the day care center on the site of the former vocational school in ebern were awarded. For structural planning, an order in the amount of 42840 euros was awarded to an engineering firm. 51 315 euro will be spent on electrical planning. For the equipment with a heat supply there are planning costs of 46 728 euros and for the sewage and water systems costs of 29 671 euros.

Road construction site is moving

As mayor werner riegel announced, the completion of the road construction site in the hambach will be delayed until the end of 2018, and so far the full closure will be maintained.

On the "haube II" construction site in unterpreppach, riegel said that the earliest construction could start there is spring 2019. Some preliminary work has been completed on the canal and the road. "Progress is being made there, but this is also somewhat dependent on the availability of the construction companies."

Riegel also pointed out that the "RTD gyroscope on the 25. August from 7 a.M. To 4 p.M. Is fully closed. He asked road users for understanding.

Councilman klaus schineller liked to have the words "auf wiedersehen in ebern" ("goodbye in ebern") on the back of the burial signs in ebern will be installed. He should make an appropriate motion, said mayor werner riegel.

New field jury

Heribert valtin is the new field juror. At the building committee meeting, he was sworn in by mayor riegel on behalf of the district council.

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