Reconstruction of the henneberg hall will be expensive

Municipal employee thomas beck, who is responsible for the municipality’s buildings, said that the municipality, as the operator, must comply with the legal requirements. The hall had been put into operation in 1984/ 1985. The installed air conditioning system was not approved by the building authorities. At the same time, beck pointed out that the oil heating system is already 29 years old. "It makes sense to renew these at the same time as the vehicle is inspected", beck is convinced. Wolfgang groeger of the engineering firm groeger (bad kissingen) had examined the hall. He explained to the council members what needed to be done to the building and what they had to watch out for. The fire protection flaps between the ventilation center and the assembly hall were missing; in addition, the ventilation center is not separated from the multipurpose hall in terms of fire protection. In addition to fire dampers, a central alarm system must be installed to shut down the ventilation systems in the event of a fire. "The reconstruction will be associated with coarse costs", said the expert.

With a new fire protection concept, new fire protection doors have to be installed at the entrance to the refugee camp and at the stage entrance. Groeger also recommended renewing the boiler system, which is 29 years old. In his opinion, this decrease is necessary simply because a new system could save a lot of energy and thus money. Thomas beck then expressed his wish at the council meeting to receive a signal from the council on how to proceed. The board decided that the administration should work out a reorganization concept together with experts. Local councillor andreas sandwall (CSU) also requested that the possible installation of a combined heat and power plant be taken into account.

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