Sports challenge on many levels

The city of kitzingen does not let itself be lumpen with the sport demand. This is shown by the balance sheet of the year 2017, which is presented at the end of each year by the department 13 in the city hall. The money is awarded in accordance with the city’s valid sports requirements guidelines.

According to this, the sports clubs received almost 50,000 euros for the youth demand last year. 18,000 euros were transferred for the maintenance of our own sports facilities. In addition, there are around 28,500 euros in training supervisor subsidies.


Another 145,000 euros, estimated by the department, will be taken over by the city "to enable clubs to use the city’s sports halls and sports fields at an affordable price," according to the annual report. In addition, the city has taken over costs of around 8400 euros for club training and sporting events in the aqua-sole swimming pool.

Halls are full

Regarding the city’s sports facilities, it says: "the sports halls are de facto full to capacity in the evening hours due to club sports."The sports center in the sickergrund and the florian geyer hall are completely occupied, even on weekends, by handball, table tennis and soccer players, or are booked up with tournaments and other events.

Honors and badges

A traditional event in kitzingen is the sportsman’s award ceremony. The will be held for the year 2017 on monday, 22. January 2018, instead of. Sports badges are still in demand in kitzingen: at the ceremony in april, a total of 89 sports badges were presented to recreational athletes. The training takes place in the summer in the sewergrund, in the aqua-sole or on the cycle paths around the city.

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