Grobwenkheimer women take off their hats

More than 100 years ago, numerous women, such as ellen ammann, helene weber, alice salomon and clara zetkin, fought tirelessly for women to be allowed to vote. Their commitment and tenacity were finally rewarded.

With the reichswahlgesetz of 30. November 1918 women were allowed to vote and be elected for the first time in germany. The actual birth of women’s suffrage in germany is on 12. November 1918. On 19. January 1919, women in germany cast their votes for the first time and also love themselves as deputies elections. The first women’s election in germany was a reality.

As historical records show, women at that time liked to wear a fashionable hat in public. The catholic women’s association (KDFB) took this historic date as an opportunity to call for "we take our hats off"." With this action, the women of the KDFB want to take their hats off to the women who were particularly committed at that time and to all women who think and act politically. At the same time, women who are politically active today for a democratic society worth living in should be strengthened."

Commitment to democracy and women’s rights

The members of the women’s association grobwenkheim also responded to the KDFB’s call and presented themselves on december 15, 2018. December 2018 at the sternstunden campaign with various hats. Especially on saturday, 19. January, the KDFB says women should show up in hats and take to the streets to shop, stroll and demonstrate. Wearing a hat on anniversary day should be a commitment to democracy and women’s rights.

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