Sidewalk parking gates at the priesendorf kindergarten

The kindergarten st. Anna occupied the municipal council twice. Five years after completion, the three group rooms and adjacent areas need a new coat of paint. The sponsor, the catholic church, therefore asked for a subsidy to cover the costs of about 4000 euros for the painting work.

Since this is a voluntary service provided by the municipality, the council unanimously decided to contribute ten percent of the costs on the basis of the association's request. Uwe baier (CSU) also proposed that a no-stopping sign be erected in the sidewalk area near the kindergarten.

There are always complaints about vehicles parked on the sidewalk during drop-off and pick-up times for kindergarten children, thus obstructing the exit from the opposite parking lane. This problem has existed for years. Now this area is to be included in the next traffic review, explained mayor maria beck (CSU).

For four years, historian and linguist joachim andraschke has devoted himself to the history of priesendorf. At the new year's reception on 18. January the first volume of the local chronicle "streiflichter der gemeinde priesendorf und neuhausen" is now to be published to be presented. Maria beck explained how much work had gone into the 220-page work.

Price not yet fixed
A rough part of it was taken over by the priesendorfer willi troster, without whom, according to beck, this chronicle would probably not exist. Troster searched through all archives, the scientific elaboration and translation was done by draschke.

The chronicle will be available for purchase at the new year's reception, to which beck invites all interested citizens. However, the price has not yet been fixed.

After adam gotz, head of the municipal office, and roland oberle (CSU), a member of the town council, were appointed election administrator and deputy election administrator for the 2014 municipal elections, mayor beck provided information about the town council's plans to improve broadband coverage in priesendorf and neuhausen.

The topic had already been discussed in the non-public meeting in november. Now the municipal councils have voted unanimously to improve DSL expansion in all parts of the community by 2017. In order to determine the exact demand, the citizens will be contacted in the next few weeks.

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