France switzerland: three free cemeteries must share federal subsidy

During the egloffstein market town council meeting, which was held for corona reasons in the multipurpose hall affalterthal, there was a topic to be discussed that is also of great concern to the population: the renovation of the open-air swimming pool, which will remain closed this year due to corona hygiene regulations.

Mayor stefan fortsch (CSU) reported on a meeting in which the possible requirements and the implementation periods were discussed. Accordingly, egloffstein would only be eligible for the federal government’s special requirements program, which has been set up primarily for historic open-air swimming pools. "Since the historical bathing axis of the french switzerland is not only for the local population, but also for tourism and the local recreation region of very great importance and in addition the local sports clubs use the facilities for the increasingly important swimming lessons", according to CSU member of parliament silke launert (bayreuth/forchheim) during a visit to the freibad in february, she spoke out – now successfully – for the renovation of the freibader in egloffstein, grafenberg and streitberg. The renovation of all three pools is expected to cost a total of around 5.5 million euros. Around 3.8 million euros in federal subsidies will then have to be shared by the three communities as brothers. This means that egloffstein will have to spend around 2.2 million euros on the new baths, with a subsidy from the federal government of around 1.3 million euros, so that just under one million euros will have to be financed by the municipality. Since the federal government is granting subsidies, there is no money from the free state, fortsch made clear.

European tender

The project must also be put out to tender throughout europe, which the mayor estimates could cost around 15,000 euros. A call for tenders would be possible next summer at the earliest. It is estimated to take about four months, so that a renovation or new construction of the egloffstein outdoor pool can be tackled next year at the earliest. The mayor’s statements regarding the refurbishment of the outdoor pool are based on an inquiry from the egloffstein outdoor pool association, which wants to know when refurbishment is possible and what subsidies are available.

New forest cemetery "friedleite

Another topic of the market town council meeting was the resolution on the cemetery and fee statutes for the new "friedleite" forest burial ground in hundshaupten, run by baron heinrich von polnitz on a flat of eight hectares of forest. The municipality is acting as the sponsor, since bavarian law only allows burial grounds to be operated by municipalities or religious communities. Only urn burials will be permitted. The period of rest for urns is at least ten years.

Team of youth officers

After the position had been vacant for several years and the youth room in the basement of the BDK house (sozialwerk bund deutscher kriegsopfer) had been used as a gauze store, a team of youth officers is now back in action. Led by municipal councillor fione porisch (UGL), supported by max barthelmess, kristof kruger and martin margraf, it is planned to offer youth activities again in cooperation with the district youth ring and the municipal youth welfare office. At present, the old youth stadium is being cleared of gauze and an estimate is being drawn up for its renovation. The appointment of the four was a matter of form and was unanimous. The councillors were pleased that the post has now been filled again.

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