Laughter has kept trina schrodel young

And that’s how it is at the birthday party too. Trina schrodel loves jokes and funny stories from the past. "Laughter keeps you young!" The jubilarian is happy to see that her family likes to visit.

Trina schrodel has two children, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Almost all of them live in the surrounding area. Only one grandson lives in nurnberg. "Once a week everyone should come to visit, our grandmother is very particular about that", reports monika. And most of the time this is kept.

The 95-year-old keeps herself mentally fit with crossword puzzles. "They don’t let me work anymore, she complains with a twinkle in her eye.

Together with her husband, she retired 35 years ago. Especially the older residents of wonsees still know trina schrodel as a hairdresser who ran her own shop in wonsees for decades. "I did the perms and the ladies’ hair, my husband took care of the men. Many people also came here just to have a little chat. Almost incidentally, they have been shaved", she recalls.

The salon was where almost all of trina schrodel’s life took place. In her parents’ house on kappel 6. "This is where I was born and raised, this is where I raised my children, and this is where our barbershop was." Today it is her living room.

A few years ago, son edgar and daughter-in-law monika moved in as well. They live on the second floor. Some of the grandchildren have also lived in the house at one time or another. A house and a grandmother who are the center of the family.
What more could you want for your birthday??

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