The skin has special care requirements at any age

"The others change over the course of a lifetime." While the skin of a young woman in her early 20s is still relatively insensitive, skin over the age of 50 needs more intensive care sessions. "In addition, there are a few basic rules that are good at any age."

From 20: light care with a lot of moisture

"The foundation for the future is now being laid in skin care", says the expert. Even if the young skin in the third decade of life is still wrinkle-free and smooth, regular care is still of great importance. Prince advises a light day cream that moisturizes the skin without weighing it down. "Young women often still have impure areas in the T-zone, i.E. On the forehead, nose and chin, which can be aggravated by creams that are too rich." Once a week a mask of healing clay alleviates problems with blemished areas. Sun protection is particularly important: "regular application of sunscreen is the best insurance for healthy skin in old age."

From 30: rich oils and anti-aging

The first wrinkles often appear at the eyes and corners of the mouth. "From the end of 20, the skin's own repair ability slowly diminishes", explains prince. Daily moisturizing care can now be supplemented with targeted anti-aging ingredients. "The cream should contain antioxidants, which effectively counteract the attacks of free radicals." This does not stop the aging of the skin, but it can slow it down considerably. "I have had good experience with evening primrose oil and grape seed oil in this age group." It is generally advisable to have your individual skin type examined by a dermatologist or a trained cosmetician, says prinz: "that way, a precise skin care profile can be created."

From 50: intensive care sessions and cures

"Now the aging processes of the skin become really visible", says prince. The wrinkles become deeper, often the first pigment spots appear. "The skin becomes drier and darker, the connective tissue of the skin becomes weaker." The cosmetician recommends the use of intensive care treatments several times a year. "These concentrated care actions replenish the skin's own moisture stores, making it firmer and more resistant." For daily care, a very rich cream with high-quality oils is recommended, ideally coupled with vitamin e or phytohormones. "It is important to really use it every day, otherwise no effect can be expected."

Removing makeup and drinking plenty of fluids are important at all times

Not only the right care slows down the aging process of the skin, there are a few things in the daily routine that are at least as important: "the most important basic rule is removing make-up every day", says prince. Make-up must be removed in the evening, otherwise the skin cannot regenerate optimally overnight. "The second important rule is to always drink enough and eat a balanced diet." And thirdly, the expert advises: "please do not constantly change your skin care products. If you change your makeup every week or every month, you put your skin under stress and can provoke problems."

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