A day dominated by the fall

A day dominated by the fall

Both the small and the rough warriors got their money's worth with the forchheim warriors. For the "little dragons (age group 6 to 12 years) the examinations are coming up, the participants have to attend a preparation workshop for this. The motto of this event was "off balance – how do I fall right??". The course was led by the 2. Chairman of the martial arts team, thomas rohr, the children's trainer manfred ziegert assisted him.

Two adults also took the opportunity to work in the "fall school" area to learn, so that ten participants were gathered in the warriors-gym. After a short crispy auarmen it went on with equilibrium exercises. Numbers were written in the air with the pigeons, as well as the standing balance, the headstand, the handstand and many other things were practiced. The children should receive a polysportive basic training, which is why balance is not neglected in addition to coordination.

In the fall school the tumbling tree as well as the forward and backward roll, the fall to the side, the forward and backward fall were on the program. The brave tried their hand at the pike roll. At the end there was a little theory, where the hygiene rules and the self-defense law were discussed and questions of the participants were answered.

"The mount" correct climbing

The grappling group had the mixed martial arts world champion bjorn schmiedeberg as a guest, who presented the topic "the mount" the riding position, where one sits on top of the opponent, as the saying goes. The speaker, who also holds a brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt and is an accomplished ground fighter, explained to the participants that they should try their hand at this position as a rodeo rider or surfer in order to stay on top for a long time.

During the four-hour course, schmiedeberg explained several other mount variations, followed by various so-called "submissions, i.E. Task and holding handles. From hand, shoulder and arm levers to the furrowed "darth vader choke everything was there. The speaker emphasized the importance of getting into the correct position before starting any technique.

After a short pause, the matter was turned around. The question was: "what can you do when someone is sitting on you??" Schmieding also knew some effective ways to do this. Contrary to the popular belief that a downed fighter is defenseless against an opponent, participants now know that this is not the case.

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