Memories of the past

27 jubilee confirmands celebrated their golden, diamond, iron and grace confirmation in the erloserkirche.

Six jubilarians were able to look back on 50 years of confirmation, and just as many celebrated their diamond jubilee. Twelve women and men had been confirmed 65 years ago and two had celebrated their confirmation in 1948. The festive service on this weekend was held by pastor christel and pastor friedrich mebert, who were musically accompanied by rudolf schreiter.

Strongest class of 1953

In 1953, when one of the strongest years of confirmation appeared, with 104 confirmands, prof. Dr. Dr. Winkler and pastor muth the exporting pastors. Winkler also confirmed the 74 confirmands in 1958, and in 1968 pastors niederstrasser and botzky led the 95 confirmands.

Pictures from the past

After the service, we went to lunch together and, just like at a class reunion, old memories were exchanged, pictures from the past were looked at, and many a "old memory" was shared?" Was heard.

The evangelical confirmation goes back to the reformer martin bucer, who was active in strabburg. It was first laid down in 1539 in the hessian ziegenhain church discipline code. At an age when young people are released into life, they should be reminded of their baptism. They were supposed to talk about the "most important pieces of christian doctrine" to be called and to profess. In addition, there was the laying on of hands, prayer of the faith and admission to the lord's supper.

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