Entitlement to a private parking space?

The council rejected the request of two families for a change in the parking facilities and the establishment of a 30 km zone in friedrichstrabe. The council agreed to point out that the municipality is not responsible for creating parking spaces for individual residents. A factual argumentation for the speed reduction was not to be taken from the request, nevertheless the concerned persons declared their impression of the speed as "70 to 75 hour kilometers: schnellstraben-character". The addition that the municipal council "simply had to decide logically for themselves and not (had to) support decisions that had been made in advance", caused a rude awakening in the committee.

With regard to the parking situation, michael heusinger pointed out that a truck was frequently parked on the grass verge near the intersection in the southeastern part of the town without permission. He asked mayor gerhard ellner to provide a remedy in this case.

Burgermeister ellner reported that the tower cross above the belfry at the leichenhaus had been dismantled by bauhof employees and the chair itself had been checked for stability by master carpenter hemmer (lauter). The gilding of the cross will be financed by an anonymous donor, as third mayor michaela batz had already promised in december. 

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