Parents confess to murder of daughter

Parents confess to murder of daughter

The mother had confirmed this and admitted to having been present in the daughter’s room – but not to have choked her.

"She supported the deed from the beginning and helped with the removal of the body," said reininger. The reason was the 19-year-old’s boyfriend. The couple wanted to get married. The parents are being held in custody on suspicion of murder.

At the time of their arrest on thursday night, the parents had denied the crime. The 19-year-old’s body was discovered on a parking lot near darmstadt on wednesday. According to the autopsy, the young woman was strangled with bare hands.

The victim was a german of pakistani origin, and her boyfriend was also from pakistan. Whether the origin of the family could have played a role and the parents possibly felt violated in their honor, reininger did not want to say. "This is just speculation."

The young woman’s uncle (39) and aunt (36) were also initially suspected of involvement in the crime. However, they are no longer accused of aiding and abetting. "There is currently no longer any suspicion of the crime. They obviously didn’t know about it after all," said reininger. The relatives were still at a magistrate’s court on wednesday. However, they did not end up in custody.

The investigators want to continue to focus also on witnesses. The daughter’s boyfriend has already been questioned, said reininger.

According to the investigation, the crime took place in the family’s apartment during the night from tuesday to wednesday. Then his daughter was transported to a vehicle in her grandmother’s wheelchair and driven to the parking lot.

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