100 Years of the waldorf school: “idealism can still be felt today”

"A child is not a fab that needs to be filled, but a fire that needs to be ignited." With this quote from francois rabelais the acting school father tim petschke buried the guests of the vernissage "100 years of waldorf schools" in the shopping center "fritz.

100 pictures from everyday school life are presented by the wernstein free waldorf school, along with a selection of small works of art by the current 100 or so students.

With only three colors

"It should be noted that the schoolchildren only had the three basic colors blue, red and yellow at their disposal; they mixed all the other colors themselves." In the interest of a free upbringing and education.

Almost 40 years ago, waldorf teacher richard engelen came to upper franconia to found a waldorf school – it started with nine pupils. "This idealism can still be felt today", tim petschke said.

An idealism shared by every waldorf teacher, including franziska bartels, the grunders’ daughter. She referred to the founding of the first waldorf school 100 years ago in stuttgart by the factory owner emil molt. "Like fritz hornschuch, who took care of the needs of his workers in kulmbach by building apartments and bathhouses, emil molt took care of the workers in his factory by providing them with a good education for their children," explained franziska barth, franziska bartels explained.

Social justice in education

On 7. September 1919 saw the start of the then company school with 256 children. "Molt met rudolf steiner at a conference and was immediately taken with his pedagogical concept." For the first time there had been social justice in education.

Today, according to bartels, there are 1150 waldorf schools and 1800 kindergartens in 80 countries. In germany 90000 boys and girls are taught in 246 waldorf schools, the first waldorf school in bavaria was founded in 1946.

"On the occasion of the anniversary, we are also celebrating worldwide with community events", said franziska bartels. For example, every school around the world is hosting a "bees and trees" event at least one beehive, plus a postcard campaign. "Each school sends to another in the world a self-designed postcard."The enthusiastic waldorf teacher described the wernstein facility as a small treasure trove. On the occasion of the anniversary, she had a heartfelt wish: "our waldorf school has now been in existence for 39 years, and we would like to have a closer connection to kulmbach, and not only in terms of transportation."

Meaningful addition

This idea was immediately taken up by third mayor frank wilzok, who assured that he would take the matter to the city council: "we can certainly work on strengthening cooperation."

Deputy district administrator dieter schaar emphasized how important the waldorf school is as a meaningful complement and partner to the state school system. "I like the way you learn and act together, which is especially important in today’s world, he said.

The informative exhibition of the wernstein waldorf school is on display in the "fritz" shopping center until the carnival vacations to see.

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