The theater is on shaky ground

The theater is on shaky ground

Karl-Heinz hofmann the glosberg theater club has been planning for a long time, and rehearsals have already begun. But now the performances of the play "die wilde kathy" planned for october are on the agenda – a tale in three acts by willy stock, in question because of the corona pandemic.

"We actually wanted to play in the fall of 2019 and had a longer rehearsal period completed. At that time, however, the rehearsals had to be postponed for a number of reasons. Then came "corona" in march of this year, says chairman clemens spindler and sighs.

Will it continue in august?

At the beginning of the year, the parish hall was used for performances on 2., 3. And 4. October and on 10. And 11. Reserve october. The proceeds from the first performance are to go entirely to the "1000 hearts for kronach" campaign go, as agreed with gerhard burkert-mazur. Now they hope to resume rehearsals in august.

But before that, the chairman puts a rough but: "if from 1. September, when we were able to hold rough events again, this was of course water on our mettle and we became all the more fond of and eager to rehearse. However, if there are restrictions as at present – mouth protection, minimum distance 1.5 meters, etc. – then the 2020 season will be cancelled without replacement. From our point of view, it makes no sense to play in front of an audience of no more than 40 hooded visitors," explains kettemer, says spindler. Of course, the entire theater group will be very sorry about that.

This means, after all, that current developments will be closely monitored and ad hoc decisions will be made as to when and how intensively rehearsals will be started. "Theater needs a certain amount of time for rehearsals and organizational preparations. We cannot decide to play in september at short notice", explains spindler.

The theaterverein glosberg also regrets other theater cancellations such as in hofles, neuses, stockheim and others, which have also taken months of preparations. However, not only the amateur actors, who devote themselves with passion to this folk culture, suffer from this, but naturally also the spectators and fans miss this pleasant cheerfulness of a gentle theater evening.

Now we just have to hope that one or the other piece can perhaps still be performed this year.

Elections at the theater club

At this year's general meeting, even before the corona crisis, clemens spindler was confirmed as the first chairman of the glosberg theater association. Furthermore were elected: second chairman rosi wahl, treasurer johannes loika, secretary roland wahl. Assessors: heidi fortsch, christine bruckner, karin spindler, anna-lena welscher, susanne welscher. Anne lang and josefine krappmann have been entrusted with the task of auditing the accounts.

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