Suicide attempt in the toilet bowl

Suicide attempt in the toilet bowl

Many listeners from the dettelbach area were disappointed by the fourth day of the trial, because it was a very "short trial" without violent details was. Four employees of the correctional facility reported as witnesses that the defendant had been in a state of shock when he was brought in on 30 september. January last year, after a night in police custody, unsolicited and repeatedly confessed to the crime that led to his arrest.

When he was hoarding the family name, a correctional officer asked the newcomer if he was related to someone who had already served several sentences here. The accused then said: "you don’t need to worry about him, he won’t cause any more problems, neither for you nor for the police, I’ve taken care of that.

He has terrorized me enough for years and no one has helped me". He said that he was relatively cool, tears in his eyes could only be seen when he, as a single father, started to think aloud about his then seven-year-old son, who needed him and what would become of him now. The winemaker had reported his alcohol consumption at the time of admission as "about three drinks a day" and pointed out that he was being treated by a neurologist in kitzingen for his sometimes aggressive behavior.

How serious a suicide attempt was the first night at the correctional facility remained open yesterday. Around midnight, when a new one was to be brought into the reception cell, the accused was found kneeling on his bed with a "rope" from cord and belt around the neck, which he had fastened to the slatted frame of the bunk bed above it. The prisoner under investigation was responsive and reacted normally, according to the witnesses, but after the incident he was transferred to the psychiatric ward of the prison. In another suicide attempt "by drowning" the winemaker is said to have stood on his head in the toilet bowl, put his head in the bowl, and entered the coil.

One of the prison officers remembered the victim, the defendant’s brother, very well: he had been a very calm prisoner and had always wondered what would happen to the wine in the cellar without him: probably vinegar, he had feared. The public prosecutor’s office assumes that the 54-year-old killed his brother, who was five years older, between the ages of 25 and 25. And 26. January 2011 after years of mostly alcohol-related arguments, presumably beat him to death with a crowbar in his apartment in a winery in dettelbach, put him in an empty crude tank in the wine cellar below, first pumped wine into it and then filled it with water. For the hearing next monday, two sisters of the accused have received a witness summons.

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