Tips for itching: stroke it, don’t scratch it

But you can still do a little to keep the little ghosts away. The simplest tip: don't go where there are a lot of people – i.E. Near water. It's a pity that in the summer you like to be at the river or lake.

"Long pants and shirts also keep muck away", says expert ulla sellerberg. The mosquitoes can't easily pierce through clothing. But that is often too heib in the summer. Sometimes it helps to use antimicrobials. "However, when you're bathing, you have to keep reapplying the product.", says the expert. Water washes the product off the skin.

She also has a tip if you have been stung after all. "Cool the sting – this helps best", she says. For example with a wet washcloth. Or if you keep putting an ice cube on the sting. "But you must not do it for too long – otherwise it could itch even worse later on."

Putting a little spit on it
If you don't think it's disgusting, you can put a little spit on it. Because it also cools. Only scratching should not be done. Even though it may itch badly. When scratching, dirt can get into the stitch. Then it happens that a muckenstich is inflamed.

And if you just can't leave it alone? "Then one can try it with stroking", says ulla sellerberg. At least the itch won't get any worse.

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