Secession of islamists in syria worries opposition

Secession of islamists in syria worries opposition

This is what luai safi, a leading member of the alliance, told the dpa news agency in new york. Al-jarba had met numerous arab and western ministers and diplomats on the fringes of the un general assembly.

Bassam ishak, another member of the alliance, told the news channel al-arabia: "we don’t want to fight these groups, we want to integrate them."He accused the islamists of being at the beck and call of president baschar al-assad’s regime, which has been trying to stir up extremism and provoke internal fighting between the various factions of the regime’s opponents since the beginning of the uprising. The alliance believes that western governments were partly to blame for the radicalization of the revolution because they did not provide sufficient support to the moderate rebels.

The 13 brigades, which are mainly active in the province of aleppo, had declared on wednesday that the alliance had no legitimacy. She was not speaking on their behalf and therefore was not allowed to negotiate with the regime. Among the brigades that have refused to follow the opposition is the radical al-nusra front. The fighters of the al-qaeda-affiliated islamic state in iraq and syria (ISIS) group, on the other hand, do not pay. They never recognized the opposition anyway.

Meanwhile, in the city of homs, christians and muslims mourned the death of doctor anas al-achras, who for a year and a half had sacrificially cared for the wounded and sick in the city besieged by government forces. In early september, the christian doctor, now seriously ill himself, had appealed to the church and the red cross to help him leave homs because he could not be operated on there.

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