The goal is near – so please keep your slippers on

A few days ago, my esteemed colleague alexander muller complained, quite rightly, that the corona regulations are becoming more and more complex. In fact, hardly anyone still knows what is allowed where and when, and why not.

Burocracy monster

We germans are simply bureaucratic monsters – nothing is easy for us, although from my point of view it could be so easy.

There is much to be said for the fact that, after a long, exhausting hurdle race that has demanded a great deal of us, we have finally turned onto the home straight. We only had to hold out for a few more meters – in other words weeks – and then we were through, and our brave doctors had finally delivered the vaccine to the man or woman who was finally loving it.

So instead of arguing about whether an unvaccinated person with a size 44 shoe and an incidence of over 100 is allowed to walk barefoot across the meadow, we should all just keep our shoes on for a while and avoid careless steps.

These are problems

For me, the magic word is solidarity. For months, we cut back and did without a lot in order to give our older fellow citizens a real chance of somehow getting through this crisis in one piece. Germany initially voluntarily gave up vaccines so that people in poorer regions of europe could also have hope.

And now – really shortly before the goal – some politicians complain in front of running cameras that old, vaccinated married couples are not allowed to go for a walk at night. My god, these are problems.

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