Step into normality

Step into normality

"… And then came corona!" This was probably the most spoken (half) sentence at the general meeting of the DJK/FC seblach on saturday evening in the sportheim. The shutdown as a result of the corona pandemic also brought severe cuts to club life and all sporting activities. Now the association dared to take the first step back to normality and held the new elections, which had originally been scheduled for march.

"This is a very special meeting, said font stephan leicht at his funeral service. Never before had the club held its regular event in the hall. Only here could the requirements imposed by the district administration office with hygiene concept, distance rules and mouth-nose mask when walking around in the room be observed. Furthermore, there was no service at the place, no glaziers (auber weibbierglaser) and lists, in which everyone had to sign in at the individual tables with his contact data. Despite the restrictions, about 50 people came to the event. "We are a great club", commented lightly.

Team of three

Once again a team of three is at the helm of the DJK/FC, only now with a different line-up: in addition to the re-elected wolfgang robner (finance and administration), philip butterhof (hospitality and sports facilities) and franziska schaller (public relations and media) are now in charge. All three drove the association as equal chairmen. Butterhof and schaller relieved marco wittmann and his father bernd, who served on the board for 36 years. Both were no longer up for election.

317 members pays the association. Robner was particularly pleased that the proportion of young people has increased slightly and that more training leaders are being trained.

High continuity

The choice of the further responsible persons reflects the high continuity: schriftfuhrer remains easily. Klaus heimstadt and andre schramm (deputy) were confirmed as head of the youth department. Anton bruckner, johannes holzmann, hermann muller and gunar kluglein were again elected as committee members, joined by bernd wittmann. They are members of the club committee, as are department heads ulrich dellert and matthias schaller (soccer seniors), honorary commissioner volker reibenweber, uwe wabroschek (old men), uwe schmidt and – new – alexander herbrandt (table tennis), as well as christine kuttner (gymnastics seniors) and annegret leib (gymnastics ladies), who now have equal rights. Heiko oppel was elected to the newly created position of sporting director of senior football, who will act as a link between the team and the board. All those elected by acclamation received a unanimous vote.

Only the position of the spiritual advisor remains vacant for the time being, as pastor norbert lang will leave seblach in september. A seven-member festivities committee is preparing the association’s 100th anniversary in 2022 and is to be permanently installed in the association as an events committee in the future. It was regretted that the celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the town were also cancelled. The DJK association’s jubilee celebrations this year all had to be canceled.

Sports home to be renovated

Besides the jubilee, renovation work on the sports home is also on the agenda. The present ones approved the request of robner to replace the ceiling of the sports house with an acoustic ceiling with led lighting, if the financial means are available for it. Robner reckoned with 10,000 to 15,000 euros for the ceiling alone. With a view to the clearly recognizable damage, the board reiterated the concern that otherwise parts "could come down one day". Last year, the club had invested a good 4000 euros, of which 2500 euros in the sports field. It remains to be seen how the finances will develop if, after the important source of income from the old town festival, the 2021 carnival should also be cancelled. 77 T-shirts with the imprint "DJK – through every crisis" have been sold so far at least some money came into the coffers, while no home games, players’ meetings or fruhschoppen could take place.

The four DJK beer gardens held so far have also been well received. "I’m proud that we’ve got something going again.", said easily, accompanied by the applause of the members. Thanks to a good financial situation, finance director robner hoped "that the association would come through the crisis in good shape".

Social home

Mayor maximilian neeb () hoped that the clubs "can return to normal operations as soon as possible". The last few months have shown how important they are for social life: "everyone has noticed how much it gives you to be active in associations and how much the individual can achieve." Because of the well-kept sports grounds, many other district communities look enviously at seblach, neeb continued. On top of that, things are also going well in all areas of sports. "Please keep up the good work!"

Sporting success

The reports of the department heads confirmed the assessment of the head of the city: the 1. Football team strengthened with ten players in the summer for the district class and finished 6th at the winter break. Square, while the 2. Team on the 3. Place was found again. Both are training again, but dellert asked not to switch between the groups. The resumption of the game is planned for the 5. September planned. On wednesday, the BFV will meet in seblach. The table tennis department is flourishing: "never before in our 50-year history have three teams been promoted in one season", schmidt reported proudly. The first team is promoted to district class A for the first time ever. Jenny kuchler has brought new momentum to the gymnastics group, which has almost 30 active members.

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