Markt pressig is proud of three successful schoolgirls

Markt pressig is proud of three successful schoolgirls

The market town of pressig is proud of three schoolgirls who have graduated from secondary schools with "very good" grades have graduated. Since he took office ten years ago, mayor hans pietz has been delighted for the eleventh time to praise, thank and recognize schoolgirls for their outstanding achievements on behalf of the market town of pressig.
The head of the community congratulated theresa tumbach in the town hall of pressig on her outstanding graduation from the kaspar-zeub- gymnasium in kronach with a grade of 1.2. Linda rosenbaum also achieved an excellent final examination at the frankenwaldgymnasium with a final grade of 1.9. And daria wachter was also able to receive congratulations from the head of the community for her intermediate school leaving certificate (MSA), which she also achieved with a terrific 1.5 final grade.
Pietz first reviewed the past eleven honorees. He was able to look back on 43 honors received so far from successful graduates with outstanding A-levels or msas, and on other young citizens whom he was able to congratulate for special achievements in their apprenticeships or for graduating with outstanding grades.
Turning to the three youngest honorees, pietz said: "the biggest part of your life so far has been determined by the years at school, the teachers, the school friends, the learning and the school-specific experiences of success. Your life will now be guided by new criteria. The next step is to enter a vocational training program or continue with school education. It would make me very happy as mayor if you would not forget your home community in the future and, depending on your living situation, continue to live here or return later or come to visit."

Two start with the treasury

While for linda rosenbaum the intended dual study course for tourism and economics leads to nurnberg, where she will alternate between practical training at the maritim hotel and theory at university. The path of the other two successful graduates, on the other hand, leads to the tax office. Theresa tumbach is also taking the path of dual studies, but her path leads to the kronach tax office. From here, she will alternate between a practical semester, probably in kronach, and the university semester in herrsching or ansbach.
Daria wachter is also drawn to the tax office in kronach. In a two-year training program starting on 1. She will start her secondary education in kronach in september and will probably have to go to munich later on, she says.
Daria wachter's main hobby is also music. She plays the clarinet with the pressig music association and has already achieved the bronze performance badge of the north bavarian music association, she says proudly.

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