Felbinger has his seats in committees

Felbinger has his seats in committees

On the day before christmas eve, mayor jurgen lippert had to summon the city council once again, after the legal supervision of the district office objected to the decision of the body on the composition of the committees. The representatives of the citizens were not entitled to reject the proposal of the fraction of the free electoral community. The G had earmarked gunter felbinger for various committee seats. The decision on the appointment was now taken with 20:1 votes, only karl ditterich, who had left the G in protest because of felbinger’s entry into the group, stood by his rejection.

The city council only has a confirming resolution on the proposed committee appointment, explained mayor lippert and emphasized that the resolutions of the building committee since then have therefore also been declared invalid. This was done at the following meeting of the building committee. The motion on the rules of procedure by thomas schmitt was rejected by a vote of 20:1. As jurgen stich (CSU) put it in the meeting on 21. October had prevailed, again a vote on each individual proposed person wished.

Helmut aulbach of the G emphasized that the new meeting could have been avoided if the committee had taken the legal situation into account from the outset. He announced that the G-fraction would waive its meeting fee in favor of the kindergarten in langenprozelten. This, however, "not out of a sense of guilt or bad conscience". Thomas schmitt agreed, whereupon mayor lippert remarked: "it is up to you what you do with your attendance fee. It will be paid out and then they can donate it."

As a result of the decision, gunter felbinger now sits on the building committee and the committee for youth, culture and urban development as a full member and on the finance committee as a deputy member. He is the second deputy on the audit committee. This very request had caused considerable protests and rejection in the city council and in public, since felbinger was convicted of fraud, as is well known.

Group chairman jurgen stich of the CSU had submitted a statement from his group to the city council meeting with the request that its content be included in the minutes of the meeting. Whether the "note of the CSU" helmut aulbach wanted to know whether this should be regarded as a motion, but jurgen lippert made it clear: "the item on the agenda is closed. We will not vote on this tonight." He strictly rejected any further discussion. He will let it be clear how to proceed with the application.

The CSU writes in its application that it accepts the decision of the legal supervisory authority "with great regret and complete incomprehension" for your information. Further it says: "our group is of course of the opinion that every offender is entitled to a second chance. This also applies to colleague felbinger, as far as his private environment and his further professional life are concerned. However, we are also of the opinion that a convicted criminal has permanently forfeited any right to the highest honorary office in a city."

After the previous city council meeting, the G was expected to show "more insight and tact" and that it "proposes other group members for appointment". That the CSU was late in reacting to the felbinger affair was due to the fact that the faction had assumed "that mr. Felbinger, as a factionless city councilor, would hold his honorary office until the end of the legislative period". Therefore one had seen no need for action.

For the CSU, this has now apparently changed: as became known during the drawing up of the district council list of the free citizens, gunter felbinger is no longer running for the district council, but according to the words of G-faction leader gerhard thumes in march 2020, he will once again be running for the city council of munden.

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