One wind turbine less near weiher

One wind turbine less near weiher

The plans for the "burgerwindpark trabelsdorfer hof" wind farm have become a number smaller. After the project developer roland losel had presented his plans for the center in the municipal council meeting on 4. After having spoken about the erection of five wind turbines in february, he now presented a new planning variant to the community of viereth-trunstadt.

This had already been presented by losel in the meeting at the beginning of february as a so-called "reasonable model" with regard to the number and the possible location variants presented. The community council spoke in favor of this "common sense model", taking into account the concerns of the community, in particular for the possible development of weiher for four wind turbines instead of the five originally planned.

Specifications taken into account
In the early consultation phase for the wind power regional plan, in particular to designation of the priority area 135 (trunstadt-sud), the municipality of viereth-trunstadt has raised objections. As the head of the company, gerd franke, explains, "it was pointed out that the location of the wind turbines and the zoning of the priority area must be designed in such a way as to avoid any possible interference with the community development areas for the village of weiher." This planning contradiction had been communicated to the planning association in the hearing procedure. The specifications were also taken into account by the project developer in the planning of the individual variants.

Losel now presented the "common sense model" to the municipal council once again with four wind turbines before. The rescheduling will make it possible to reconcile the concerns of the municipality of viereth-trunstadt with regard to the village of weiher, franke states in this regard. This means that a flat area on the eastern edge of weiher, which had been designated as a possible residential area in the current land use plan, could now actually be designated as such, without any conflict with the immission protection requirements.

In the meantime, a meeting with the regional planning association in bayreuth has taken place. Mayor edwin mahr (BG/uwg) gave a detailed report on the current state of affairs to the municipal council in the last meeting. According to the report, the planning association for upper franconia-west buried the mutual decision between the municipality and the project developer. Losel presented to the community council and the interested listeners in a short status report the adjusted planning status of four instead of five wind turbines in the priority area 135 trunstadt – sud.

Dialogue sought
In the discussion spoke community councillor barbara mullich (UW) said that it was advantageous to have a local project developer who always sought dialogue and jointly supported solutions and took on the concerns of the community. Outside project companies were not given any consideration here, said mullich. These had already shown negative examples in the past.

The planned location for the eastern wind energy plant is therefore abandoned. The village of weiher thus retains its development possibilities, and could in the future receive an additional residential area. The planning documents will now be adapted by the project developer losel and submitted to the competent licensing authority for review. In a further step, the affected property owners of weiher are to be informed in a timely manner in a round of talks about the current planning status and the progress of the constructional development.

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