Germans fear terrorism the most

After attacks in berlin and other european cities, many people in germany are afraid of terrorism.

The fear of such attacks remains the number one concern in the long-term survey "the fears of the germans", the R+V insurance company announced today at the 26. Output with. 71 percent of the 2,400 respondents felt threatened by terrorism, down two percentage points from the record high in 2016. But the editors still speak of one of the highest ever recorded values.

As in the previous year, terrorism is followed by fears of political extremism (62 percent) and of tensions caused by the influx of foreigners (61 percent). Overall, the fears in the 2016 study had skyrocketed.

Now the values for most of the ten roughest angste have dropped again by several percentage points. On the other hand, there were slight increases in fear of natural disasters (56 percent, up 4 percentage points) and of pollutants in food (58 percent, up 1 percentage point).

The participants of the survey had been interviewed before the barcelona attacks and several weeks after a van had rammed several fubgangers in london. In berlin, terrorist anis amri killed twelve people with a truck at the end of 2016.

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