Musical german unity

Musical german unity

The oktopafest of former albertinians goes into the verlangerung. With "tentmusic. The festival" will be held on tuesday, 3. On october, the day of german unification, brass bands from bavaria and thuringia conjure up a real "wiesn" atmosphere on coburg's castle square. "We will open our royal albert marquee for a whole day of sophisticated and uninhibitedly colorful brass music", OPA-chief christian limpert is pleased.

Uniformly good

The stadtkapelle starnberg from upper bavaria, a real oktoberfest band, will open the festival with an early pint at 11 a.M. Afterwards the brass band meeder and the music club beiersdorf present themselves, before the wachbergmusikanten from thuringia provide for a grandiose finale. "It is also musically a real day of german unity", explains stephanie kramer from the beiersdorf music society "we will play part of the program together with the wachberg musicians from thuringia". And johannes kreibl from the stadtkapelle starnberg says: "we look forward to coburg almost more than our oktoberfest appearances, not only because the bratwursts are much better there." In addition to the classic wiesn delicacies in the tent, a thuringian-french bratwurst summit will also contribute to a successful german unification day in culinary terms.
"Three butchers from franconia and thuringia will be competing to produce their best sausages on the castle square, promises festival host paulina pilarzyk of the brewery inn grosch. Speaking of bets: "we're not quite sure if the people of coburg still have enough energy for a wild day of tent music after the oktopafest" says OPA-sanger lukas dohler and smiles. "That's when we came up with the idea of a city bet!"
And the following applies: should the coburgers manage to win on 3. October at 12 o'clock at least 1000 visitors to the tent music on the castle square to bring, then promises OPA one "for free and grape"-action in 2018.

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