Bamberg district: suspected offender identified after sexual assault

The man who was arrested in rattelsdorf (lkr. Bamberg) is said to have indecently touched a woman while driving in his car in the main street at the beginning of september 2017, could be identified by an officer of the police inspection bamberg-land and convicted of the crime. This was announced by the bamberg-land police department.

As reported in the APB at the time, the victim, a middle-aged woman, had been shopping at the netto store on hauptstrabe in the afternoon. She then asked an unknown person if he could drive her to the center of town.

During the ride in his car, the man allegedly indecently touched the woman several times against her will, whereupon the woman left the car at the marketplace and informed the police.
Due to the call for witnesses, several tips were received by the police. The breakthrough in the extensive investigation was finally achieved by the investigator's meticulous research into the car used by the perpetrator. Finally, she was able to identify the driver of the car, a resident of the district.

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after conclusion of the investigations the procedure for the further decision of the public prosecutor's office bamberg is submitted.

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