A weekly market in hammelburg?

A weekly market in hammelburg?

The monthly farmers' market in the market hall behind city hall was a good institution, jeurink admitted, because fresh local produce was in vogue. But the market is too small and looks a bit makeshift.
He is aware of the concerns of the hammelburg businessmen, but no one need fear the competition of the market. "No one goes broke", assured jeurink. The experience with such markets in comparable cities has shown that. It is also planned to involve the local traders and reserve for them some stands on the market.
"Weekly markets bring additional customers into the city, and 70 to 75 percent also visit the shops", the chairman of the association referred to a study by the munich company CIMA, competence center for urban and regional development.
Establishing a weekly market is not a rough task, he says. The management of the market should be with the city and not be given to a private operator. "Then it can also control the market in its own interests", argued jeurink.

For more mobile home parking spaces

The city also urgently needed to increase the number of mobile home parking spaces. "The flat spaces at the parking lot at bleichrasen are often completely occupied", jeurink has noticed and therefore proposes to create additional flat areas on the other side of the saale at the old lagerstrabe. This place will be connected to the existing one by a supply line.
He does not see the construction of private RV parks in the surrounding area as competition, but rather as an addition to the city's offerings. "Some tourists appreciate being close to the city center, others prefer to be as close to nature as possible", explained the TFSH boss.
The vacation airfield "hohe lanz" should also be integrated more strongly, to attract tourists to the region. "But then it also had to be ensured that the guests would come to the city", said jeurink. There is already a good cooperation with the kite flyers.
Alfred jeurink also suggested the creation of a saale valley hiking trail. The market should be oriented to the course of the river, but always offer the possibility to visit castles and to climb to heights in order to enjoy the beautiful view of the valley. A park would also do the city good. "The museum island at the herrenmuhle is a good start. From there, the project could continue in the direction of the "rewe-markt", said jeurink.

"Don't drive away guests

The beautiful landscape was an asset that the saale valley had to make use of. "I know that some conservationists and anglers have a problem with canoe tourism, but they mustn't drive away the guests,", underlined the chairman of the association.

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