Music is harald scherbel’s favorite hobby

music is harald scherbel's favorite hobby

Harald scherbel, together with his team, made it through. He has been working on the case for two years. A 130-page reference book was published to mark the anniversary of the youth orchestra. Now he holds a specimen in his hands, not without pride. "It is a successful work, isn't it??"

The police officer has been involved almost from the beginning. To this day, the youth orchestra and music are part of his life. "Music is my favorite hobby", he says.

Started at the age of nine
It is now almost 50 years since he first came into contact with the youth orchestra at the age of just under nine, i.E. Immediately after its foundation. His parents had recognized his musical talent, he recounts. Even today, he remembers his early days as a young musician exactly. He learned the trumpet in private lessons and was not integrated into the youth orchestra until 1965. Rehearsals and performances are part of club life. "I had stage fright before every event!" The camaraderie, the applause, the joy of music spurred him on to continue.

In the meantime, harald scherbel is getting on in years. And although he travels almost daily to his duty station in nurnberg, he is active as a musician. No longer in the youth orchestra, of course, but as a conductor and flugelhorn player with the kronacher musikanten.

He follows the developments in the youth orchestra with interest. "I can't help but drop in from time to time and get actively involved, as I am doing now with the preparations for the anniversary.

Feathering of the festschrift
So it is not surprising that he is on the fest committee with was there and was entrusted with the leadership of the festschrift. He spent countless hours collecting material and rewording the sentences. However, he emphasizes, without "my team in the working group" he had not made it". In this context, he tells of a variety of tasks, such as the acquisition of sponsors, the letter to the pit word authors, etc. With a certain pride in his voice, he also talks about his daughter anja thumlein, who spent countless hours creating the layout.

When he sums it up, he says: "I've enjoyed writing this book a lot, but it's also been nerve-wracking and interesting at times," is schorr's assessment. In the case of the latter, he admits that – when he studied newspaper clippings, minutes, he also got a completely different connection to the youth orchestra.

As long as it is possible for him, the musician now has to stay on, play conductor, play flugelhorn for the kronach musicians or help organize events for the youth orchestra.

The festive program for the jubilee
Friday the festivities for the 50-year existence start on friday, 27. September, from 20.30 o'clock with a music night.

Saturday on saturday, 28. September, begins from 14 clock the children's afternoon with instrument exhibition. At 4 p.M., the festive reception takes place in the historic hall of the town hall. At 7.30 o'clock is announced mood music with the city band teuschnitz in the kaiserhofhalle.

Sunday on sunday, 29. September, there will be an ocumenical service at 9 am. Afterwards, the musicians from kronach play for the "fruhschoppen. At 12.30 o'clock follow stand concerts, a procession and community choir left from 13.30 o'clock on. Afterwards there is music with the guest clubs, before the festival with the "kronacher musikanten" fades out.

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