The original wallenfelser justine weib decorates the monthly october

In the second corona year, the wallenfels local history calendar is once again a bright spot in the pre-christmas season. Pictures from old times, pictures of people who today can laugh about their childhood photos and pictures that make you think, because they show the simple life of past decades.

All this can be found on the twelve calendar pages, provided with dates and short descriptions of the photos. The title "sue woas halt froo fe uus" can only be understood by a native of wallenfels.

And yet, even after the translation into "that's how it used to be here with us", you can immediately imagine that there are certainly many picture shadows hidden behind the individual pages of the calendar.

Wallenfelser all sorts of things

Published by the heimatgeschichtlicher arbeitskreis, you will find "wallenfelser allerlei" again this year, with a different theme every month. The presentation of the local history calendar 2022, by the way the 18. Calendars designed in this way, unfortunately, fell victim to the corona takings. But franz behrschmidt and thomas weib , who as "technical director" and motor had taken over the main work on the calendar, nevertheless informed mayor jens korn and father jan poja about the contents and thanked all who had contributed to this calendar. The local calendar under the motto "wallenfelser allerlei" includes almost 600 people in 38 pictures.

The monthly calendar sheets are again under different themes, starting with "wallenfels companies" in january. In addition to the hans kremer workshop, the employees of the herbert leonhardt KG wood and toy factory are also shown in a photograph from 1956.

Moves in march

"Umge" – that is to say festge – is the theme in march. The picture of the procession on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the cacilia singing society in 1935 is one of three taken during the nazi regime. The reappraisal of this dark chapter on the local history level is a major concern of the working group, especially of local historian franz behrschmidt. March is completed by a photograph of a procession in 1990.

A theme that is more closely related to the village than any other is the corpus christi and the flurumgang – the theme of the month of june. Photographs taken in the 1950s and 60s are on display. August 2022 marks the 75th anniversary of the death of former district magistrate jakob degen. Paint. In wallenfels, too, his services were honored with the naming of a street.

Nothing is self-evident

The makers have come up with a completely new theme for october. Here are wallenfels originals and personalities in the center of attention. People are shown, which the older ones still knew and of which younger ones have already heard in the stories, which the old ones tell.

The calendar gives an insight into the time and makes aware that nothing that is today can be taken for granted. 

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