In hallerndorf, manure is now being turned into clean electricity

Four certified organic farmers and naturstrom AG held a biogas festival at the
hallerndorf business park presents its new community project to the public. All those involved think highly of the new project and believe they have taken a major step towards an economically and ecologically sound future. "We are breaking new ground with this biogas plant", explains managing director christof thoss during the tours of the plant.

They had been joined by some visitors. "Biogas without any corn at all – is that possible??", many visitors wanted to know from the operators. The operators explained the new project in detail. The principle is that only residual materials from the biofuel kilns are fermented. Mainly clover grass, which is a by-product of the crop rotation, will be used. In addition, more grass, intercrops, manure and gulle. The project partners in the hallerndorf plant can therefore dispense with the highly controversial use of corn, not least against the background of rising food prices.

Local heating network is planned

Naturstrom AG has an equal share in the plant as the four organic farmers georg rittmayer from willersdorf, markus nagengast from trailsdorf, baptist behr from buttenheim and christian fortsch from saltendorf. The combined heat and power plant that converts the biogas into electricity generates 250 kilowatts of clean electricity per year – enough for 580 households. There are also plans to set up a district heating network to supply the neighboring businesses with the heat generated by the power generation process. This has further increased the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the hallerndorf plant.

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