The bahamas struggle with the aftermath of hurricane dorian

The bahamas struggle with the aftermath of hurricane dorian

After the departure of hurricane dorian, the bahamas struggles with the aftermath of the severe hurricane. In the caribbean island nation where "dorian" first made landfall about a week ago, at least 43 people died as a result of the storm, according to official figures.

The government there expects a further increase in the number of deaths. Hundreds of people – according to some reports even thousands – are still considered missing.

On saturday, a cruise ship brought to florida nearly 1,500 people from the hard-hit islands of abaco and grand bahama who lost or were forced to leave their homes because of the hurricane, according to the U.S. Border patrol.

"Dorian" hit the northern islands of the bahamas last sunday as a hurricane of the most powerful category and had only passed completely over the caribbean state on wednesday. He left a trail of obliteration on the group of islands. Bahamian health minister duane sands said on radio that he believed the final death toll would be "overwhelming". In view of the destruction, helpers could only gradually move into the affected areas.

After the devastation in the bahamas, "dorian" passed over a part of the US state of north carolina close to the coast on friday – much weaker than before. The hurricane had caused flooding, damage and power outages there.

On saturday evening (local time) it finally reached the east coast of canada. As a so-called post-tropical cyclone, "dorian" made landfall near halifax in the province of nova scotia with wind speeds of up to 148 kilometers per hour, according to the canadian weather agency. The winds uprooted trees and knocked down power poles. Around 400.000 customers of the nova scotia power utility were cut off from the power grid, as reported by the tv station global news. In new brunswick, the neighboring province of nova scotia, there were also 64,000.000 households in the dark.

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