Half a million euros “rebooked”

Actually, a tax consultant from the district of bad kissingen was supposed to look after 1.5 million euros that an old lady from wurzburg left to her heirs. In fact, however, as executor of the will, he tapped into the accounts of his former client and "rebooked" almost half a million euros for himself: all online, from the office. There is no evidence that the old woman allegedly told her tax advisor during her lifetime that she would help him if he ever got into financial difficulties.
In june 2016, the tax consultant from the district of bad kissingen was sentenced to three years and ten months in prison by the district court of schweinfurt for 43 counts of embezzlement. After that, a criminal division of the federal court of justice dealt with the executor, overturned the verdict and sent the case back to schweinfurt for a new trial: among other things, the question of reparation for the damage done had not been sufficiently assessed and of the 43 acts of embezzlement, 16 are to be checked again in detail for booking and other data.
The reason for this is almost academic: it could be that the executor got money from the will pot twice in one day, and then it was not two crimes, but only one continued case of disloyalty.
The 71-year-old confessed everything in the first round of the process and yesterday again. Account statements were read out, direct debits, booking data and receipts, with and without tans.

Economically taken over

From the accounts of his "victim the defendant has "relatively small" amount, but deducted in short intervals, between 4000 and 10000 euros, with seemingly explanatory notes such as "deduction, according to agreement, invoice or partial payment". The presiding judge wanted to know if there was an explanation for this rhythm. Angelika drescher asked why he had not suddenly asked for larger amounts of money. The defendant could only explain it by saying that he had overstretched himself financially by setting up a new law firm in his old days, that clients who were already certain did not come after all, that he had been confronted with all possible liabilities every month anew and had wanted to make up the deficit temporarily in a hurry.

Overview lost

He had an overview of the amount of illegal "withdrawals" lost . He once had it compiled by an unsuspecting employee and could not believe the sum. "I have calculated everything again", he recalled yesterday "but it was right." Only once he "transferred" 150,000 euros in one fell swoop: he needed the money quickly, for inheritance in another will case.
Yesterday, the court heard a description of the defendant's successful professional biography over decades, with a certain urge to expand that was not without risk: in addition to his rhon offices, he was also temporarily present in saxony-anhalt and thuringia with his own law firm. Unpleasant experiences with professional colleagues, when the partner became a competitor, the tax advisor only tapped in court. Further hearing days are today and in the coming week on friday.

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