Kisschess succeeds with the promotion to the national league the meisterstuck

Kisschess succeeds with the promotion to the national league the Meisterstuck

The success story is short, but rapid: after chess enthusiasts from bad kissingen founded the third bad kissingen chess club with kisschess in december 2017, it is now advancing to the 1.Bundesliga on.

That the kisschess girls won the championship in the 2. Liga sud was already clear before the last round. Because they won their two fights in stuttgart on the weekend.

Against SV stuttgart-wolfbusch, the score was even for a long time before oliwia kiolbasa from kussing broke free from a printed position. At 3:1, it was up to claudia reichert (stammverein dicker turm munnerstadt) and susanna gaboyan to secure the victory and the championship after a tactically challenging match. With the 5:1 was already before the final round on the following day against the SG augsburg the direct march through from the regional league in the 1. Women’s national league achieved.

The runner-up title in the 2. In the sud league, bayern munchen won the runner-up spot in a duel with zahringen, four points behind; the bavarian clubs augsburg and bavaria regensburg, who were threatened with relegation, managed to stay in the league in the final spurt.

Draw refused and win

It is remarkable that five players of the young kisschess squad (18 to 27 years old) played all the games of the season, which ensured the constant performances. At the top board, international champion irine kharisma sukundar from indonesia defied all odds – even when she found herself at a disadvantage in the last, meaningless round, rejected a draw offer and finally prevailed in the longest game of the matchday.

On the following boards the international champion kiolbasa and the fide champion viktoria radeva from bulgaria showed their skills – both winning all seven league games. FIDE is the abbreviation for the world chess federation. Medical student katharina mehling of karlstadt’s spvgg stetten won all five games before the final weekend; but the thread broke and only one draw was made.

Claudia reichert has trained as an arbitrator and training supervisor for her parent club munnerstadt and showed an upward trend with two victories. Darja mikliaeva (kon) and alba perez celis (bad neustadt) were successful reservists once each.

Kisschess’ rapid ascent began in january 2018 with a top-class tournament featuring three grossmeisters and other title holders in bad kissingen, germany. This was followed in the summer by the bavarian individual championships.

In the fall of the same year a women’s team started in the regional league. After four clearly won matches, the only remaining competitor, bonn-bad godesberg, narrowly lost the championship. Since bonn gave up the promotion that had brought with it the increase from four to six-man teams, the kisschess ladies slipped into the 2nd division after all. Women’s national league after.

Bavaria left behind

For this purpose, further reinforcement was found from the region and from eastern europe. The ambitions clearly went up. On the very first weekend of the game, the strongest opponent, the bayern munchen team, was in the offing. This game went narrowly to the kisschess girls; in the following they marked clear successes. After munich stumbled against stuttgart-wolfbusch, only freiburg-zahringen was left to chase the kisschess girls. But they beat this chess club at home 6:0.

Since one of kissingen’s regular players is likely to move to first-league club SC bad konigshofen, reinforcements may still be necessary. Both kisschess and SC plan to enter a reserve team in the regional league for the coming season.

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