Coje presented a piece on “enlightenment with humor”

When young people have their first butterflies in their stomachs, it’s time for an age-appropriate and sensitive education – for "love, love and the sexperts" of the witten acting group "theaterspiel. Around 250 schoolchildren followed the production in the coje with great interest. In the subsequent discussion round, the actors led by beate albrecht, ellen knoch (pregnancy counseling health office) and ulrike heinze-zelger (diakonisches werk pregnancy counseling) as well as maciej danko (ejott) addressed the questions and ideas of the young people.
In the case of the main characters in the play, lucy and robin, it happened quite suddenly. Suddenly friendship turned into the first rough love. The problems and questions that arise from this for the two young people are taken up in the piece. Lucy and robin are confronted with contraception, unwanted pregnancy and their first relationship problems and show how young people deal with the side effects of growing up.
"Young people and children are confronted with sexuality and love in the media at a very early age, often without any increase in knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary to offer young people age-appropriate offers, without scaring them off and yet enlightening them in a humorous way", says christina dietze from the association for social pedagogical youth aid.
The production deliberately incorporated age-appropriate methods such as rap singing, comedy and street dancing, which went down well with the young audience. "Young people can recognize themselves in the questions they are confronted with", uli heinze-zelger said. "Young coburgers need to communicate with their peers in their own language in order to take preventive action. Only in this way can misinformation, such as ‘no one gets pregnant from the first time’, be corrected in the long term", female ellen knoch.
"In the everyday life of youth clubs, the issues raised are not only present through digital media, says maciej danko, who works at the "treffpunkt" on the bertelsdorfer high tatig is. Confidants in youth work are key sources of information here. Theater play is a good way to talk about topics from young people’s everyday lives without shame or alienation.

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