Assange defends penetrating donation campaign

Assange defends penetrating donation campaign

The loosely organized hacker collective anonymous also broke away from wikileaks last week via twitter message. One loser was the donation campaign, in which published documents were covered up with a banner. It could only be hidden again with a donation or a message on twitter or facebook.

"We know this is annoying. It’s also supposed to be annoying," assange justified himself. "Wikileaks faces unprecedented costs given its involvement in twelve lawsuits around the world" and the organization’s accounts have been blocked for nearly two years, he said. Anonymous must now choose between role as online gang or movement of solidarity.

On a twitter account attributed to anonymous, which is subscribed to by almost 290,000 twitter users, the following was posted last week: "the end of an ara. We have unfollowed @wikileaks and withdraw our support. It was a grandiose idea that was ruined by egos. Good bye." Meetings of assange with celebrities such as lady gaga were also criticized. The pop star had met the 41-year-old australian for dinner at the ecuadorian embassy. Wikileaks founder fled to sud american country’s embassy to avoid extradition to sweden, where he faces rape charges.

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