Traffic chaos in kulmbach: and this threatens until october

The closure of theodor-heuss-alle causes a huge traffic jam at the schauer-intersection."I'm about to burst my collar", "this is a catastrophe." These are the still quotable remarks of the car drivers, who were on the way from melkendorf in the direction of kulmbach on the two past days and stood in a giant traffic jam.

"It took me 50 minutes"

In rush hour traffic, car after car lined up – and that all the way to the herzog nursery, which is 2.5 kilometers away from the traffic lights at the schauer junction. "It took me 50 minutes to get there from melkendorf", said tina wiesenmuller from thurnau, who stood in the column and was annoyed like the other traffic participants.

This is the reason for the chaos

What is the reason for the traffic chaos?? It is the closure of theodor-heuss-allee, which is the connecting road from melkendorf to bundesstrabe 289 near burghaig and to the industrial area at golden field. The avenue is being redesigned as part of the bypass construction, and a sewer and a new gas line are also being laid. For this a full closure is necessary. Theodor-heuss-allee will probably not be reopened until the end of october, as siegfried beck from the state construction office in bayreuth has announced.

Parking out is not an option

The state road 2190 is the alternative route, and so the scenes that took place there on thursday and friday will probably be repeated many times in the coming months. Incidentally, the traffic jam affects not only motorists, but also local residents.
In the stationery store of christoph hofmann in melkendorfer strabe, the traffic chaos is the main issue. The customers were already coming in store, says christoph hofmann. "But then they can't get out of the parking lot in front of our entrance gate. Because hardly anyone standing in a traffic jam will let them thread their way in."

Running instead of driving

An experience also made by fabian prehmus, who works in the neighboring funeral parlor stubinger. "I wanted to go home around 4 p.M. I tried in vain for 15 minutes to pull out of the parking space in reverse. No one let me in. That's why i left my car and walked home", reports the kulmbacher.

"This is madness"

Thomas alberth, who lives in verlangerten galgenberg, speaks of madness. "The cars stand in the afternoon almost up to the new traffic circle near melkendorf. Many people who know the area turn into our street after the herzog nursery and drive through the village from there." He has observed that traffic is also repeatedly backed up in the settlement.
Many people in kulmbach say that the cause of all the trouble is the bottleneck in front of the traffic lights at the schauer junction. "If, for example, a rougher truck is at the traffic light when the light is red and wants to turn left in the direction of kreuzstein, it blocks the road. No car can pass that wants to go straight into the city center or turn right towards bayreuth", states businessman christoph hofmann. He asks why police officers do not regulate traffic by hand at rush hour.

Police: "conceivable, but not feasible"

Would that be an option to prevent the chaos? "It was conceivable, perhaps sensible, but not feasible", says klaus-peter lang, traffic officer at the kulmbach police department. The company could not cope with the workload, and it was doubtful whether civil servants could get a better handle on it. "Because the traffic light circuits are coordinated with each other. " A similar situation, so long, was experienced a good year ago when the north bypass was closed off. The state road was also an alternative route. "There was only chaos in the first days. Later it calmed down, probably because people who know the area chose an alternative route", says the police officer, who is confident that this will be the case this time as well.

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