Treasure hunt in all directions

The scavenger hunt of the 21. The twentieth century began in the wicker town – at least from the point of view of tourism. Schuler of the 12. Classes of the meranian high school have contributed to it. Now vacationers in and around lichtenfels are to go on a "treasure hunt be able to walk. Yesterday, the project was presented in the large meeting room of the town hall.
Treasure is perhaps too much to say. There are actually three tupper-boxes to be found. But not really, because what people find when they reach their destination – GPS-guided – is of secondary interest. Interesting is the way there, and that something is found.
We are talking about a leisure activity that has been growing in popularity for some time now: geocaching. People equipped with a GPS device or smartphone set off in search of clues. These can be hidden under a tree stump or behind a monument or attached as a sign to a building. With the information from this intermediate station, the geocacher then works out the riddle for the next station until he eventually arrives at the treasure, usually a small box. There he deposits a message for the next finder, takes something out and replaces it with another object.
The scene has its own customs, and what information it receives via GPS device could read like this: go to N50°08.751`E011°03. Six of the 15 high school students who created three geocaching trails as part of a project seminar (p-seminar) for lichtenfels also belong to this scene. One of these schoolgirls is nora hummrich. "We wanted to create a tour for lichtenfels, where tourists do not experience sights in the normal way", says the 17-year-old. Like all high school graduates, she had a mandatory P-seminar coming up, and she decided to take part in the geocaching project.

One year of work invested
A year of work in which the students, also as a preparation for the professional world, should start and successfully finish a project on their own. But above all, the schoolchildren thought about which clientele a particular tour could appeal to: where could hikers look for it?? A playground was offered along the route, where hikers are probably traveling with children? Questions like these have to be considered and solved in coordination with the tourist information office.
"I was very, very surprised", said mayor bianca fischer, visibly pleased with the result of the project work. In her opinion, implementation can only be achieved through a "warm connection to the home country" had been possible. Three GPS devices have been purchased by the city, which will be deposited in the tourist information office. As an "additional offer to tourists harald fischer, director of the tourist information office, sees the project. From now on it is usable. It should be mainly the sparse months of the year when interested people can go treasure hunting.
Sabine christof from coburg set the ball rolling. At the tourist information there she had stumbled on the term geocaching two years ago. Whether the topic is suitable for a P-seminar?, the head teacher working in lichtenfels asked herself. The tourist information office was won as an external partner. Now the project is complete.
The work of the 15 project participants was acknowledged with a small reception.

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