“My worschd is a thai worschd”

Michael busch was a little worried about whether the idea would really be accepted. Jurgen reck openly admitted this at the official funeral at the first enjoyment market in mohrendorf on the occasion of the first french bratwurst day. But the worry was unnecessary. The people of mohrendorf, as well as friends of bratwurst culture, had made a pilgrimage to mohrendorf to watch the spectacle on the village square.

Actually the sausage was in the center of attention, but also two guests of honor wanted to be seen and experienced. Felicitas then stood at the grill with the village butcher jurgen reck and took care of the sausage. "I’ve known jurgen for a while", she admitted. "And so the idea of creating a special bratwurst was obvious." The 33-year-old told the audience at the opening that she loves to travel to asia, especially thailand – and that’s how she came up with the idea of a "thai bratwurst come.

The TV chef could not tell the interested visitors at the village square much more than this. "I have to go back to the butcher’s shop and make more thai sausages." Within a very short period of time, these had been brought to man and woman. "People like it because it is something special", then explained. A light curry flavor, but unobtrusively coating the typical sausage taste, this or similar is how gourmets and sausage connoisseurs described the taste of the special sausage.

Master of sausage

The second guest of honor, patron martin rassau, added: "the spicy is more in the front of the tongue, it is soothing." He was on his way to bayreuth for another event on the day of the french bratwurst. "Since mohrendorf is on the way, i took a quick turn here." Those who know the scene know that he has also known jurgen reck for quite some time and it was therefore no question to leave the A73 for a short while. "I just wanted to try a sausage and then move on", he told the people of mohrendorf. Then, in view of the many offers at the market – from beer to wine, from jam to other specialties – he got stuck in. During his digs, he was a bit of a joker and was especially pleased that the butcher reck looked like a burgermeister, while the burgermeister thomas fischer, who was holding the microphone wires at the time, had to put up with the fact that he looked more like the butcher. He took it with humor, as well as the many visitors.

He also pointed out, however, that the frenchman’s pronunciation of the "thai sausage" theme was a bit too much misunderstand. "It’s’ the bradworschd, so mei worschdla", he rattled on about the french approach to the spicy product.

Repetition is a must

Then again, in addition to selling sausages, he also spent a lot of time with fans and those who want to become fans. Some people were surprised to learn that she comes from coburg and is therefore very attached to sausage. Because she is known for unusual cooking ideas, which she has presented on television in the cooking arena, the cake battle or the taste, among other things.

The two guests of honor agreed on the question of repeating the day of the french bratwurst. Martin rassau brought it to the point: "this day must be preserved, even if it is only with us in france!"

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