Exception on mother’s day: police allow entry for visits

In order to allow visits on mother’s day, the strict rules imposed at the borders because of the corona pandemic have been relaxed somewhat for one day. Federal minister of the interior horst seehofer (CSU) agrees to a corresponding decision by the federal police.

The visit of one’s own mother, who lives in germany, will be "recognized as a valid reason for entry" this sunday, the federal police announced. However, the information given at the entry control had to be "credible and verifiable". The officers deployed at the border have been informed and "will issue mouth-nose protection masks on the spot as a gift for the mother in question", a spokesman explained.

For weeks now, only those who can show an important reason for entering germany have been allowed to enter. These are, for example, truck drivers, members of medical professions and commuters from the border region. There are also stationary border controls at the borders to denmark, france, luxembourg, switzerland and austria.

Seehofer had ordered the controls in mid march to slow the spread of the lung disease covid-19 in germany. At other border sections – such as the border with belgium and the netherlands – controls were tightened within a 30-kilometer radius along the border. Some politicians in baden-wurttemberg, rhineland-palatinate and luxembourg have been calling for an end to the controls, which are currently scheduled to last until next friday. Since mid march over 100.000 entry refusals issued. Seehofer sees border controls as one reason for the successes achieved since then in containing the pandemic.

The federal police said in response to a question that the prerequisite for the exemption for mother’s day is that the return trip takes place on the same day. Also permitted on this sunday is the visit of a mother living abroad without german citizenship who wants to visit her children living in germany on mother’s day.

For people who enter the country with an exceptional permit – including commuters – the obligation to stay in quarantine for two weeks after entry does not apply. This quarantine rule also applies to travelers who cross the border at sections of the border where there are no stationary controls.

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