Investment worth millions secures fehrer location in kitzingen

Thanks to extensive investments, the fehrer site in kitzingen is secured in the long term as a development and production facility. This information from the company management was particularly appreciated by the mayor of the canton of upper burg, siegfried muller, and the deputy district administrator, robert finster, at the fehrer family day on saturday.

142 years of family history

In the rough marquee, managing director carsten lausch pointed to 142 years of company history. The works council had approached the management with the request for a family day and the event was immediately approved by employees for employees in order to thank them for their loyalty as well as their relatives and friends. But above all, it should be a happy place. The proceeds from the sale go to the region as a donation.

Lausch has been in kitzingen for five years and spoke of a small jubilee for himself. 142 years of company history means four working lives or six generations. The company is thus older than the automotive industry and an important part of the city and the region.

In the management team, anke kuhlmann-cattau is responsible for sales, marketing, project management and quality assurance. The traffic of the future with electric vehicles and autonomous driving ensures that fehrer’s products will also be in demand in the future, she reassured all listeners. With the multi-million investment in a new production plant, the company is well prepared for the future. The kitzingen site is the company headquarters for development and production.

New production plant makes for flexibility

The new production line is a flexible line geared to future production and allows flexible further development of the products. As kuhlmann-cattau explained, the new production line can respond to each and every production requirement at short notice. The company has internationalized and can keep up with the automotive industry, but it also needs skilled personnel.

Award from VW

Fehrer recently received the VW award from volkswagen group procurement as a special distinction for strategic suppliers. As a FAST supplier (future automotive supply tracks), the kitzingen-based company was one of the 55 preferred suppliers in 2017 for its armrest development for the entire group because of its reliability. Kuhlmann-cattau therefore believes that the company is well prepared for the future. Currently, about 40 apprentices are being trained, also in order to be able to hire the urgently needed specialists after their training. In addition, a dual study program is offered.

The fehrer family works

Addressing the fehrians, the mayor of fehringen, siegfried muller, described the family day as a happy day in the youngest history of the company. Securing the site for development and production was important for the motivation of the employees, whose fight for jobs had paid off. The festival also shows that the fehrer family is still functioning. He could only congratulate them on behalf of the town.

Deputy district administrator robert finster described the company as important for the region. He remembered a relative who had worked for the company from the 1950s to the 1980s and who had remained connected to the company body and soul throughout her life. The most important thing for the district is that the future of the company no longer causes anxiety for anyone.

Fehrer and the aunde group

The fehrer company is part of the globally oriented aunde group with the companies aunde, isringhausen and fehrer. With more than 100 plants in 27 countries, the aunde group is one of the 100 largest automotive suppliers worldwide. Fehrer has additional production facilities in the USA, china, hungary and the czech republic.

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