Board games bring young and old together

Board games bring young and old together

"That’s fun, five-year-old mia explained on saturday afternoon at the heller-keller in herzogenaurach’s weihersbach facilities. She and her mom yvonne accepted the CSU’s invitation to an afternoon of games, as did ben and his mother.

CSU local chairwoman antje korner and her team had organized the afternoon and could not complain about a lack of visitors. The upper part of the cellar was equipped with various game stations, and classic and new board games were waiting for the participants on the tables.

Bernhard schwab serves coffee

The games were provided by valentina tischler from schreib- und spielwaren ellwanger, who, with the help of experienced game supervisors, made sure that children and adults could play to their hearts’ content. CSU city councilor bernhard schwab and his city council colleague sabine hanisch did not miss this entertaining afternoon. Schwab missed the game "muhle, because that was the only game in which he always won, he said confidently, and therefore devoted himself more to entertainment, providing his female-staffed gaming table with coffee and cake.

The families or communities played as a team and in compliance with the prescribed distances. "It depends not only on sporting strength and knowledge, but also on team spirit, mutual support and cooperation.", said antje korner, who collected the contact data at the entrance.

"Germany is actually an eldorado of players", explained valentina tischler, because nowhere else were so many social games invented – and sold. However, in view of the abundance of games on offer, it was often difficult to make a choice, which is why she had brought along a large number of games that were raffled off at the end of the event.

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